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World Stunning Surfing Destinations

For dedicated surfers, a great surfing spots offers good wind, direction, sea floor and tide. This guide show you where to start your surfing adventure whether you are a beginner or a professional one:

Portugal is home to the best waves

In Portugal, one can find the best waves in Europe. The Atlantic coastline there is 1115 miles long and the climate is favorable for surfing and other water sports. The five best surfing spots for the experts are Costa da Prata, North Porto, Alentejo, Lisbon Area and Algarve. Learn surfing from June to September on medium waves, October to April on huge waves. The new learners will feel comfortable in spots: Lagos, Ericeira, Peniche, and Cascais.

Photo: Chris Osmond

The very popular Oahu, Hawaii in the United States

Oahu is a very famous surfing zone in the United States and it’s the best place for the professionals. If you are an avid surfer, you know what it is to ride the huge Pipeline crest. Oahu has the heaviest waves (6 pts shallow), a must try for passionate surfers.

The cold Bundoran Beach, County Donegal, Ireland

The 10 feet tall waves in Bundoran Beach will welcome surfers from all over the world. Yes, the water is very cold there but this surfing sport is for the water sports fanatics. The green waters and the rolling waves of the Atlantic attracts like a magnet. Bundoran is just a few hours drive from Dublin, the biggest European surfing spot.

Enjoy too much surfing in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the surfing capital of Asia with a 34000 miles amazing coastline. An avid surfer should have Bali on their bucket list. Can you imagine more than 100 surfing places in Bali? Some of the best for the novices are Kuta beach, Medewi, Dreamland, and Canggu. The experts can enjoy at Padang Padang, Impossibles and Bingin. The dry season is the ideal season (May to September) when the offshore winds are blowing.

Photo: Brandon Campagne

Surf in the restless ocean of North Spain

The Atlantic coastline of Spain is pretty tempting for water sports lovers. The Iberian Peninsula has a pleasant climate to enjoy surfing. The Basque Country lying in the Northern part of Spain gets consistent waves from the Bay of Biscay. Therefore this spot is best for around the year surfing but summers are the best to play in the waters. Now for an expert, the ocean gets restless between months of September and April. Places in the Basque Country that have the best waves are Roca Puta, Playa de Somo, Zarautz, Sopelana, Mundaka, and Menakoz.

Photo: Pierre Lambert

The amazing all year surfing at Nicaragua

The wide stretch of beaches, tall waves, and an amazing atmosphere is what makes Nicaragua a super hit. The weather is sunny and great offshore winds blow to aid in successful surfing. The best time is definitely May to November but surfers come in throughout the year. The surfing capital of Nicaragua in San Juan del Sur and other spots are Playa, Playa Remanzo, Playa Maderas and Hermosa. For surfers who love it soft and gentle, Playa Colorado is awesome. The experienced surfers should go to Playa Popoyo and Lance’s Left.

Costa Rica is the best for surfing beginners

Costa Rica has the best waves and is a favorite surfing destination for the learners. The water temperature is just ideal and both the coastlines are amazing surfing spots. There are four separate regions for surfing:
• The Caribbean Coast has strong waves and the seasons being December and March.
• The North Pacific Coast has the best surfing conditions in the rainy season (May-November). One can also find the best breaks on this coast.
• The Central Pacific Coast is very much accessible so be here between May to October.
• The South Pacific Coast is a paradise covered with lush greens and the ideal time is May to November.

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