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Top Things to do in Cuba

Cuba is full of amazing things. This beguiling destination is listed amongst the top countries to explore in Caribbean sea. From famous cigar tasting to riding a colorful vintage car, from enticing Old Havana to eye-catching colonial town of Trinida, your travel in Cuba is filled with amazing experiences every outing day.
Here are some highlights that you should immerse in Cuba:

Visit Havana

Most flights make a landing in Havana and you are right in the heart of Cuba. The first things you do in Cuba are visit and take time to explore Havana, a city of paradox. You can hire a vintage car which is easily available or a bike and explore the, local life in Cuba.
You will enjoy attending the ‘el canonazo de las Nueve’ ceremony which is scheduled at 9 pm every night in La Cabana fortress. This ceremony is worth watching as you can see soldiers attired in traditional 18 the Century costumes and shooting canons. You get a drink along with the entry tickets so that’s an extra luxury for the viewers.
One very interesting thing you can do is view Havana using a convex lens. The Camera Obscura of Da Vinci is suspended above the Havana city, it is a convex lens that gives you a view of the entire Havana street It’s a marvellous experience, no words to explain so go see it yourself.
Take time, at least a couple of days to explore Havana, soak in the culture and roam the streets.

Enjoy a party in Santiago de Cuba

You simply cannot miss Santiago de Cuba because this city offers you a party atmosphere. Visit the Cespedes Park to take a view of the stunning Cathedral and you get to know some history by visiting the Revolution Square. For all the party lovers, Casa de la Trova and Tropicana Santiago are the two best places. Next morning you can’t explore the Turquino National Park and climb up the Sierra Mastra Mountains, the highest peak of Cuba.

Water sports at Trinidad

Who would not love to sip Mojitos relaxing on the sandy beach? If you wish to explore the best Caribbean beaches, come to Trinidad where you can enjoy water adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling. Apart from the waters, Trinidad is packed with other places of interest like colonial buildings and museums. Among the top things to do here, you have dancing salsa to awesome music anytime. Do visit the Sugar Mills Valley known as Valle de los Ingenios. You won’t get luxurious accommodations but enjoy seaside life and sea food in rooftop restaurants and soak in local music.

Coral reefs of Cuba

You simply cannot miss the coral reefs in Cuba that’s ranked among Top 50 in the world. Here you can enjoy too much of scenic beauty and enjoy the waters. These coral reefs are intact, well maintained and not declining like the ones in Jamaica.

cuba vintage cars

Ride Vintage Cars

Do you have a fetish for antique cars? In Cuba, you can get to see and ride American cars from 1930 to 1960. All of the cars are highly maintained and allowed to tourists to get around the streets of Havana. You can easily ride Ford and live your dreams. This is one thing you must do if you really love cars from the past; it renders a different experience after all. You can hire a driver or drive it yourself, the choice is all yours.

Che Guevera gear

If you are in Santa Clara, you will get to see a ‘Che souvenir’, the Che worshipping zone. This is the place where the most important moments and incidents of revolution took place. It is the fight that culminated the Batista’s rule here in Cuba. You can see statues along the streets, a huge one of Che Guevera at the city’s entrance.

Drink and dance on the streets have a cigar

Are you up for the authentic Havana Club Rum for a lifetime experience? You can enjoy Mojitos at many of the top resto pubs where you can enjoy a view of the sea, harbour and the city. Dancing at Callejon de Hemel is a very common sight. Tap your feet to live music and enjoy the Cuban culture down on the streets. You can click nice photographs here with African murals decorating the walls. Come here on Sunday afternoon and you won’t feel like going back.
When in Cuba, how can you not learn to roll your own cigar? A cigar in Cuba is one of the top things to do. The Cuban countryside gives the finest tobacco and those are sent to Havana and the factories are called Habanos. You can plan a tour to a Habano and enjoy the tobacco experience.

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