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Top Things to do in Tibet

For many travelers who once come to Tibet, the country makes so much sweet memory. It is a very bespoke destination for mountain, adventure and spirit.
Personally, we do think Tibet should be in the travel bucket of those who want to know the uniqueness of Asia.
This pre-guide of what to enjoy in Tibet gives you some ideas to discover this fascinating country :

See the Potala Palace in Lhasa

One of the most highlights of a travel to Tibet is the Potala Palace. This iconic palace situates in a beautiful setting in Lhasa. The palace is well known for Tibetan sculptures, Buddha statues as well religious jewelry.
Though, the visit is limited but the structure really presents the architectural wonder of the country.

Trek to the stunning lake of Namtso

Perching on the elevation of 4,000m, Namtso lake boasts some of heaven like scenery that you will be love of. The trek adventures in Namtso has different routes to choose. Your experience then varies from stunning mountain views to fascinating villages. You can opt from 8 to 10 days for such a life time adventure.

Visit the Jokhang Temple

If you seek for an attraction that draws the attention of local people, see Jokhang Temple. It is said to be the most sacred site in Tibet. There are thousands of Buddhism pilgrims come here to pay every day. A fully guided visit will help you understand better the site !

Visit Samye Monastery

This is one of the most striking landmarks in Shanan Prefecture. Samye is the first monastery where Tibetan Buddhism was established. It is home to many frescos and praying wheels.
The outcrop with barren mountain and picturesque sand dunes makes Samye photogenic.

Walk the Barkhor

One of the top things to do in Tibet is to explore Barkhor street. You will feel the excitement right when you see the arrays of shops, stalls. It is not difficult to find a souvenir in this street, the only thing to consider is to spend time !

Set a footstep Everest Base Camp

For certain, if you could have time and energy to take the strenuous trek conquering Everest, it is more than a dream of life. However, there is another way to mark your appearance on Everest just by taking a drive to its Base Camp. Tibet allows you to soak up the magnificence of Everest easily that way !


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