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Top Things to do in South Korea

South Korean is a charming and dynamic country. From lively coast towns to vibrant cities, traveling in South Korea offers beautiful experience of all means. There are thousands of experiences that you can seek in this country and if you have to pick up some prominent ones, these are our suggestions

Discover Seoul

Seoul is the capital city of Korea and this cosmopolitan is a mixture of the old and the new Korea. Walk through the narrow lanes, get into the neon-lit clubs and bars, pray at peaceful temples and it has a lot for the adventure lovers as well. It’s a budget destination and you can choose from a number of hotels for a comfortable stay. Thus, Seoul is one of the top attractions of South Korea trip.

Trick Eye Museum

Do you feel like enjoying a dose of silliness? Explore the goofy collections of ridiculous pictures on the walls of the museum. The Trick Eye Museum celebrates funny art that includes optical illusions which are ultimately whimsical. They have also opened an ‘Ice Museum’ which houses beautiful ice sculptures.


Jeju Loveland

Go to this naughty park to catch a glimpse of models in 140 sexual positions. This is a sex-themed park in South Korea which was established in 2004 and the arts have been contributed by 20 artists. Rather than we say what you get to see there, it’s better you explore it yourself and it will be some fun… What say? Attention – This is a popular honeymoon spot but visitors must be minimum 18 years old. If you come with minors, there is a separate play zone.

Yongma land Abandoned Theme Park

This amusement park in Seoul is ideal for kids and is absolutely photogenic. It consists of images of pop icons from the 80s, dodging cars, Viking ship, octopus ride, clown-roller coaster and a lot to invite new photographers.

cherry blossom

Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival

Even in South Korea, you can watch the colorful cherry blossom, the trees filled with flowers and the petals moving in the breeze. This is a special festival of the spring season and a memorable sight. Celebrate the Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival if you are there in S.Korea in the Spring season.

Prepare Kimchi at Kimchi festival

Kimchi is the signature dish of Korea which is fermented cabbage and you might love it. In October there is the Gwangju Kimchi festival where you can contribute to making the dish for yourself.

Fresh seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market

The main question is how fresh? You can choose any favorite fish from any of the stalls and they would cook it in front of you. This market is old-fashioned where you get loud shopkeepers and light-hearted shoppers. This market is for the seafood lovers.

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