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Top Things to do in Myanmar

Recently opened to the world after decades of isolation, Myanmr is a destination that attracts the curios eyes of travellers worldwide. From temple hopping in Bagan to life time sailing in Mergui Archipelago, from stunning Shwedagon pagoda to unique Inthar rowing photography, things you can enjoy in Myanmar seems endless. Amongst the highlights of the country, these narrow list of top things to do in Myanmar is just something you should not miss :

Cruise Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy is the biggest and longest river in the country. It stretch its body from remote Bhamo to the fertilize plains of Yangon, exposing the contrasts in landscapes through world heritage sites like Bagan, Paya to vibrant cities like Mandalay. Taking a river cruise is a hot travel trends in Myanmar for the next coming year. While short trip from Bagan to Mandalay lasts from 2 days, you will have so many other choices for long river expedition ranging from 10 to 18 days.
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bagan view


Explore Bagan`s temple

Have you even imagined cycling along some 2,500 pagodas remaining from XI century on earth ? If not, make it in Bagan !
For century, this sacred plains amazes not only local tourists but also photographers from everywhere for its timeless beauty. Bagan also boasts some fascinating traditional workshops that you may not find elsewhere in Asia. Many visitors choose an active trip with bikes to see the land, you can do it different with a Balloon ride !
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inle fisherman
   Photographer: Mr. John Quintero

Learn about Inle special Life

The reason why Inle is very luring comes from two main things: its spectacular landscape and extraordinary lake culture. This second largest lake in the country inspires any visit with floating gardens, stilt houses, gilded pagodas amidst its waterway. On the other hand, Inthar fishermen who are famous for their one leg rowing technique is the main source for photography tour to Myanmar.

street food yangon

Eat Yangon Street Foods

If there is a place that can define the mix of Burmese cuisine, it must be Yangon. From fine dining restaurant to street eats, Yangon has everything to offer you. Street food is probably the most interest way to see the diversity of Yangon cuisines. You can grab a Shan noodle for few dollars, BBQ in China town for reasonable budget or simply taste the juicy tropical fruits in an open market.

anisakan fall

Visit Anisakan Waterfall

Located in the secluded side of Shan State, Anisakan fall offers a beautiful refresh. Cascading about 120m, Anisakan has wild nature pool for swimming, its surrounding forest and local plantation are very photogenic too.

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