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Top Things to do in Mongolia

Mongolia offers some of the most authentic travel experiences in Asia. While is nomad culture is a great magnet for adventurers, the country showcases untouched landscapes and endless charm.
Among hundred things you should experience in Mongolia, these are highly recommended by local travel experts :

Spend a night in the Gobi desert

Are you an enthusiastic lover of exotic deserts? If yes, then Gobi desert has some of the most jaw dropping dunes for you. With the sand dunes of Khongoryn Els and rocks outlining this desert, you will be mesmerized by its landscape as well as the wild animals like camels and Gobi bears.

Sightseeing of the famous Khuvsgul Lake

The majestic and mesmerizing lake of Mongolia called Khuvsgul Lake is also called the Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia. You can hear the sound of water splashing against the rocks inside the lake. Oh, and the refreshing ambiance of greenery is a sight for sore eyes!

Take a walk in the Terelj National Park

The Terelj National Park is filled with exotic plants and diverse vegetation. Being a habitat for wild life, this park is present as a distance of 80 kms from Ulaanbaatar. This is your chance to get up-close with the Nature. If you are adventurous and sporty, then this is the perfect place to go to!

Take a tour of the Ulaanbaatar city

Hustling and bustling like all modern cities, the Ulaanbaatar city has a lot of huge skyscrapers. The Narantul Market of this city is very popular amongst the residents of this place as it is one-stop shop. This is a unique and eye-opening cultural experience where you can meet new locals and chat with them. Time to buy the groceries and immerse yourself in Mongolian culture!

Go to the Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park

Named by the famous lake called the Terhiin Tsagaan Lake and reminding the visitors of the volcanoes, this park is unique and outSatnding. It has some of the rarest species of the plants with vibrant colors and the peace you might be looking for.

Cruise through the Orkhon valley

Being the site of the old capital city called Uighur, this valley has a special historical importance for the visitors. Having a spectacular view of the Naiman Nuur lakes and presenting the melodious sound of the Orkhon waterfall, this place is sure to impress you.

Get a glimpse of the Tsagaan suwarga

As the name of this place suggest, the place has white limestone rocks scattered all over it that seem to be quite ancient. You can also see the intricate patterns of limestone on the desert floor. Besides, the magical desert landscape entices you to spend the night here in your luxury tent. This can prove to be quite soothing for you.

See the five peaks of Altai

Being the highest mountain peaks in Mongolia and having a huge glacier of about 23 square kilometers near it, the peaks of Altai attract millions of visitors every day. Apart from the spectacular view of mountains, you can also witness breathtaking lakes and waterfalls. Looking like a small oasis, this place has an ethereal and heavenly touch to it with the huge and sturdy mountains surrounding this place.


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