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Top Things to do in Croatia

Croatia is teeming with lush national parks, heritage wonders, medieval old town and amazing coastal line filled by sandy beaches. It is also amongst the sunniest Europe countries. If the above attraction does not meet your travel expectation, you will surely be charmed by these top things to do in Croatia:

national park croatia

Plitvice National Park

This park is titled Unesco Heritage Site in 1979. There are 16 lakes connecting by cascading streams, pristine natural pool that no one can resist. The park offers not only the photogenic chances but also incredible waterfall hopping experiences.
It is said that your travel to Croatia is incomplete without checking in these turquoise lakes and forested hills in Plitvice National Park.


Embrace the atmosphere of Zagreb

Exposing a beautiful mix of historic and modern attractions, Zagreb is a beguiling city whether you seek a glimpse of culture or sampling local`s tasty cuisine. The enchanting part of this capital emphasizes in upper town where cobble street, medieval churches and towers present.


Pula ancient site

If you are seeking for a place that boasts the the signature of Roman times, do not miss Pula. This attracting site is located by the southern edge of Istria Peninsula lures its visitors by numerous historic sites.
Pula also has some sort of world class sea experience that you should not miss.

krka park

Krka National Park

Among the top things to do in Croatia, this park is both naturally and culturally valuable. Winding itself by Krka River, the park is charactered by fabuous waterfalls, amazing pools that you can jump into.

Hvar Island

Situates off the Dalmantian coast, Hvar is a popular island for a summer escape. The core historic part of Hvar town boasts marble stone streets, Gothic Palaces dated back to 13th century. Photographers will soon feel in love with lush vineyards, imposing fortress, lavender fields. As a beautiful island, you will easily find a world class beach in Hvar island.


Known as “ Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is an enchanting old town to delve into. Its charm exoduses from the old town, abundant of historic features including faded churches, intriguing palaces and churches.
Dubrovnik has some sun lit, sandy beach that no one can deny during their visit : Lokrum, Banje, Lapad



Those who love ocean adventure or simply sailing out to Adriatic will be astonished by Rovinj – a magnificent archipelago home to 20 islands. Sightseeing highlights in Rovinj covers notable architect remained from 12th century, imposing boroque church, cobble stone streets.
The area also has some of the finest art galleries too.


Marco Polo was born here, in this charming village ! Yet Korcula is not only about that. The 50km long island off the Croatia Adriatic coast varies from walled town reflecting the Renaissance architecture to olive groves, beautiful forest and exciting markets.


Finding a fine place to hangout with less tourist is never difficult at Zadar. No matter you are seeking for a look at Romain ruins, medieval churches, enjoy beach hopping or shout out your adventure by the ocean, this thousand year old destination has something to make you occupied.
It is not advisable to complete the top things to do in Croatia with a visit to Zadar



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