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Top Things to do in Chile

Everything seems so attractive in Chile. There are endless possibilities to enjoy this country. Your outing days in Chile are full of enjoyment : world’s largest natural Jacuzzi, active volcano climb, desert hopping. If you are in the first step to plan your trip to this amazing destination, get inspired by our Top things to do in Chile :

Go Santiago

When in Chile, you must go to Santiago to experience the entertainment and culture so that you get the idea of the country. There you can spot the best galleries and museums, finest dining joints, witness gala events and a lot of warm celebrations. The months of March to May and September to mid-November are the best time to visit this place. Santiago is very beautiful; you can’t leave Chile without exploring this city.

Explore Easter Island

The Easter Island is a very ancient one and it attracts a lot of tourists every year. This island is inhibited by Polynesia and you can find different types of Moai statues here. Do not forget the ‘Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum’ in Hanga Roa to know more about the Polynesian tradition and culture.


Patagonia is simply amazing and this region is also shared by Argentina. There you have plenty of adventure tours so it’s best to plan a trip during the summer months. The main attraction is the Torres del Paine national park, the best park out of 36 in Chile.

Play with penguins at Isla Magdalena

This small island is home to numerous penguins in the southern part of Chile. It is fun searching for penguins amidst snow yourself but you have tour guides who take you for a boat tour. The months of November until March are the most favorable time to visit because all the birds that migrated come back in search of their mate. Play as much as you want with the lovely innocent penguins.

Skiing in Valle Nevado

Chile is the favorite spot for summer vacations but if you love winter sports like snowboarding, skiing, go there during the season. Skiing is a fun outdoor activity and the country has plenty of ski resorts so that you can enjoy a memorable ski holiday. The Valle Nevado and Portillo are the most popular slopes for skiing.

Climbing active Villarrica volcano

The Lake District is a favorite destination if you love outdoor adventure. You can indulge in the scenic beauty and enjoy so many activities including cycling, fishing, kayaking, hiking and last but the best is climbing up an active volcano. The best time to climb up the Villarrica Volcano is in January, February and from May till November.

Water activities in La Serena

Experience various water activities amidst a bit of crowd in La Serena as you plenty of beaches for swimming, windsurfing and surfing. Be there during the summer months and it’s going to be a treat for you and your family or friends.

Eat the local foods

Chilean food is famous for freshness and simplicity, its aroma would make any foodie fall in love with the dishes. Most of the dishes that are worth trying but the best one is Pastel de Choclo, its meat along with Shepheard’s pie, cornmeal topping and vegetables. In Chile, you can have an amazing culinary experience.

Pampering  in the biggest world natural jacuzzis

Among the top things to do in Chile,Termas Geometricas is a highlight you should try. This hot spring is located in the southern part of Villarrica volcano and you have 17 thermal pools there. You can reach all of the pools either by taking the wooden bridge or by walking while admiring the nature. The pools are amazingly picturesque, you can see dense steam rising from the water and the walls are covered with fern.

Atacama Desert stargazing

The Atacama Desert is located in Northern Chile and it’s a place where different natural phenomenon occurs like hot springs, salt lakes, moon shaped terrain, a rock formation of different colors and snow covered mountains. The best attraction of this spot is gazing at the stars in the clear sky; there are no clouds and no pollution so the night sky looks majestic.

Wine tasting in Casablanca Valley

Chile is very popular for the best wines so how can you not have a wine-tasting session? If you are a wine lover pay a visit to the popular wineries and experience unique wine tasting sessions. If you are an ardent fan of the best wines, try five wine zones in Chile.

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