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Top Things to do in Canada

Canada is a undoubtedly a great outdoor destination. This world second largest country boasts variety of landscapes with spectral rain forest, glacier mountains, incredible national park. It is also a wonderful place to delve into a local captivating culture which is totally diverse.
If you plan to explore Canada, these top things to do is something you should consider :

Niagara Falls

Visiting the Niagara is one of the top things to do in Canada. It’s a famous getaway for travelers of all ages throughout the year. The waterfall is truly captivating; it’s a sight you cannot miss.

banff national park
Photo: Anita Erdmann

Banff National Park

Banff is a World Heritage Site and it’s famous for its beautiful Rocky Mountains. You can explore lush green landscapes, thermal hot springs and hike on trails. At Banff, you can enjoy summer as well as winter activities. It is a heaven for the tourists who love nature and adventure.

polar bear

See Polar Bear in Churchchill

There is no better place on earth to spot Polar Bear than Churchill. Summer and Fall are best time to see the bear in their wild life. Churchchill also offer some other stunning adventure into the wild where you can enjoy up close to Beluga Whales, Seal.

Walk on ocean floor

You get to view the highest tides in the world at the Bay of Fundy. During this high tide, you can go kayaking, a pure adrenaline rush. You get to see ancient fossils and rock formations there. During the low tide, you can experience walking on the ocean floor.

Hearing Wolves Howl

How do you feel seeing a pack of wolves? A lot of people in Canada take interest in going by car and seeing them. Visit the Wolf Howl Park to listen to wolves howling together. You can also travel with a guide in a cavern to see those wild creatures.

Watch the American eagles

It’s worth watching the American Pride in Canada. American eagles fly to Canada when it desires a reunion. They feed on salmon in the glacial waters. A Sun wolf you can opt for boat tours to see a large number of eagles in action.

Dinosaur at Drumheller

Drum Heller is called the ‘dinosaur capital’ of the world, located in Canadian Badlands. Go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to catch a glimpse of fossils of various dinosaur species.


It is known as the Catfish capital of the world. You get plenty of catfish in the Red River. Selkirk has a 25-foot catfish sculpture made of fibre glass. Do visit this outdoor destination and you will love the experience.

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