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Top Cebu Travel Experiences

Cebu is an enchanting destination in the Philippines. There are certain reasons that Cebu draws some 2 millions foreign visitors per year. While the city is stuffed fascinating landmarks, the area is more famous for white sand beaches, amazing diving spots and cascading waterfalls.
These are just some beautiful Cebu Travel Experiences you should not miss :

Mactan Island Hopping

Mactan is one of the most popular place to enjoy sea, sun and underwater watching in Cebu. Local travel agent offers wide array of excursions and tours that allows you to soak up the incredible waters, seeing marine life or simply laze at the sun-drenched beach.

Kawasan Falls

The turquoise Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls is the most popular spot n Cebu, it’s worth gazing at the turquoise waterfall flowing from the mountains. It’s also known as the Pearl of Philippines, it’s an ideal spot to take amazing shots. The azure water is surrounded by lush greens; the scene is a treat to the eyes. The best activity you can take part in is to swim in the Kawasan River lagoon. Book your stay at the resort in the Kawasan Falls. The triple-layered water body is a treat to the eyes, a paradise indeed.

Go to Malapascua

This is a very popular island in Cebu best known for water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and diving. This is the best location if you wish to see the Thresher sharks. Take a small Banka boat and explore the best spots. Couples can always enjoy some paddle boat tours across the waters. It’s the best place to unwind and enjoy.

Watching the sunset in Mactan

The Mactan city is home to the best beaches and watching the sunset there is simply exotic. Nature lovers would not be disappointed upon visiting the spot, watching the miraculous sunset. This coral island is rich in bio-diversity, a place where nature resides. Try themed dinner at local restaurants to enjoy the seafood with exotic drinks watching the sunset.


Camping at Osmena Peak and Sirao Peak

The places of unique interests are so accessible from the Cebu main city and this is why it’s a popular tourist spot. For those who love the adrenaline rush experience, go camping at the Osmena Peak. It’s pretty easy to climb, good for the beginners. For those who wish to explore more, the Sirao Peak is the best. You can also take up a challenge to climb up the Kabang Falls. if you still did not have enough, the cool Chalet Hills in Busay and Mt. Naupa are great camping zones.

Must explore more of exclusive Osmena Peak

The Osmena is the highest mountain in Cebu, it has a rugged beauty of its own. As you trek, you can take a breathtaking view of the green mountainsides and fresh vegetable farms. After walking for some time, the landscape gradually alters as you see high cliffs covered by floating mist. You can also enjoy a full view of the scenery.

Yummy street food in Cebu

Cebu is popular for finger-licking street food joints that sell Cebuano or Chinese delicacies. Humba is a sweet preparation of pork served with rice. The Kwek Kwek is also very popular which is boiled egg with batter deep-fried. Bakasi is a dish prepared from sea eel and Ngohiong is a spring roll. A lot of people order for steamed rice, a Chinese dish. The best street food in Cebu is still the Tuslob Buwa. Do try all of these dishes.

Visit the scenic Aguinid Falls

Too many water compositions and rock formations make up the Aguinid Falls. This is a seven-level waterfall with a magical aura, a place for adventure. One must not miss the sight of the seven layers of water falling from a height which is beautiful. It’s easy to climb the steps that take you to the top and as you go up you can get a better view of the cascading waterfall.

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