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Top 5 Places to Enjoy a Holiday

October is a difficult month. This stage lasts adaptation to the daily routine of the autumn is further complicated with the arrival of autumn. The progressive lack of light seems to warn us that it is less for enfundarnos wool sweater and coat and chills just thinking about it. Definitely not your body or your mind is ready. So, to forget all that accumulated stress, choose one of these five destinations, rest and enjoy.

1. La rosa dei venti 4 (Italy)

What once was a monastery, then a farmhouse, today is a sanctuary dedicated to yoga and meditation. Located on a hill in the countryside a few miles from Martina Franca, in the region of Apulia, is the perfect retreat for a quiet and peaceful stay. Proposes a week retreats with accommodation, yoga and meditation classes, workshops and cook homemade meals prepared with care using organic ingredients and the area. If you are someone who get stressed at the thought of getting up at dawn to a yoga class, you’re in luck; La rosa dei venti four classes do not start until 07:45 hours.

2. EcoYoga, Argyll (Scotland)

The Scottish Highlands are the idyllic setting for a rest break. Green hills, forests and lakes populate a largely rural region where EcoYoga, a center that offers various courses in yoga about four days throughout the year. Among its highlights courses Yoga and Cooking Retreat, which combines two (a more dynamic Ashtanga morning and another soft and comforting afternoon) daily yoga classes cooking classes in which travelers learn the best vegetarian recipes . And, between classes, you can take time to relax in the sauna or take a hot bath under a glass dome, while watching the breathtaking views outside.

3. KaliYoga, La Alpujarra (Spain)

If you prefer to stay in Spain, KaliYoga is a good choice in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the Alpujarra. A seven-day retreat in their facilities and return without stress and with great courage to face the winter. You can opt for a program that combines yoga and hiking or another that places special emphasis on a healthy, nutritious diet to help you recharge and boost energy and mood. With his method of dynamic Vinyasa yoga, known to help eliminate anxiety and depression, you will get rid of all the stress while you work good posture.

4. Caudet Radha Yoga (France)

The Midi-Pirenees is the twin sister of the Italian Tuscany. With sunflowers covered hills and picturesque villages, it is a perfect destination for both the autumn getaway you need. Caudet Radha Yoga Retreats is located a few miles from the small town of Marsolan, where you can choose various courses of yoga, such as Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga or Karma yoga. The latter has the main pillar working altruistically and meditation is very present. Yoga classes begin each day at 8:00 am, so in this center there is no risk of getting hit the sheets.

5. Yoga Evolution (Portugal)

With a maximum capacity of only ten, this yoga retreat ensures peace and relaxation in a beautiful rural setting in the village of Amieira. Stay in a private room in the main house or, if you prefer, you can also sleep in a charming wooden caravan with splendid views across the valley. Her courses combine Ashtanga and Yin Yoga and are suitable for beginners in the world of yoga as the most experienced travelers. At the end of a class in Yoga Evolution, you can relax in one of their hammocks with your favorite or socialize with other guests book.

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