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Tobago Island Travel Guide

Tobago, an idyllic island located at the end of the chain of Caribbean islands, is a great destination for family vacations. The island’s diverse charm and culture is appealing to everyone in the family.

With white sand beaches on the south western side and golden sand beaches on the north eastern side, a wide array of water sports including snorkeling, diving, fishing, nature trails, waterfalls, rivers, a championship 18-hole and 9-hole golf course, there is never a dull moment to spare.

There are daily trips to the famous Buccoo Reef and reefs off Speyside on glass-bottom boats which allows viewing of the island’s myriad tropical fish and undersea coral. The boat tours also stop at the Nylon Pool which is an offshore sandbar formed in a metre deep pool in the middle of the ocean. Local folklore claims that it is Tobago’s fountain of youth and known for its therapeutic benefit. With beaches around most of the island, a different beach can be explored for every day of a two week vacation.

tobago birds
tobago birds

The island’s rich history of European ownership and ensuing battles, can be appreciated at the historic forts, the scattering of cannons dating back as far as 1770 and national museum.

Hiking through the lush rainforest is a surreal experience where the many species of flora and fauna can viewed. Tobago is well known as a bird-watchers paradise, and is home to many indigenous species. Bird-watching tours are available and led by experienced guides who will ensure your binoculars and cameras will capture these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. A visit must include a trip to one of the many waterfalls, along with a swim in the natural pools.

With the many ethnic groups living in these twin islands, the cuisine is just as interesting. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits and root vegetables are healthy staples featured in the many restaurants. Dining is casual but delectable, with the freshest of ingredients key to all dishes. Seafood straight from the sea to your plate, fruit picked from the tree to your fruit salad or juiced, vegetables from the small local farm to your table is dining at its best. For the adventurous gastronomy, the island is a diner’s dream. Local produce is abundantly fresh and plentiful. For meat lovers, the locally reared cattle produce the finest cuts of steaks ready for the barbecue.

The average temperature is in the mid-80 degree F, with the cool trade winds that consistently blow.

The top events on the island:
Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival
Tobago Heritage Festival – July to August
Turtle Watching – March to August 2011

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