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Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most rewarded travel destinations in Australia. It boasts thriving metropolis culture that you hardly can resist. Whether you come to Sydney to shoot the iconic Opera house or find waves at Bondi Beach, Sydney has something to seduces you.
These are just some of the best sites, experiences you should delve into in Sydney

darling habour

Darling Harbor

Located just outside the city of Sydney, Darling Harbor is a popular tourist attraction. A bee hive of activity, this destination is chocked full of attractions for the visitor, both local and foreign. Stop by places such as The Star Casino and Entertainment Complex, Australia’s first retail Jet flight simulator, both the Powerhouse and the Sydney Museums and of course there is the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Rocks

Located in New South Wales, the Rocks has been around since the late 1700s and is often referred to as the spot where the colony was formed. Through the years, the Rocks has been through many changes, but in the late 1960s, the Sydney Cove Redevelopment Authority got involved and initially planned on getting rid of much of the landscape. The buildings were eventually saved and play an important part of the history of Sydney Australia.

opera sydney

Sydney Opera House

Probably one of the most photographed locations in Sydney. Tthe Sydney Opera House is attended by over one million people each year, who spend their money to witness over 1500 performances. If for no other reason than the design of the building, this opera house has been a major source for attracting people to Sydney.

Sydney Tower Eye

Visitors to Sydney will attest to the fact that there are several eye catching and entertaining venues to attend. For a stunning birds eye view before you actually decided to wander off, ascend the Sydney Tower Eye
This attraction offers such a perch, allowing visitors to this major city down under, to see where they plan on going, before they even get started.

royal botanic garden
Photo: Harley Kingston

Royal Botanic Gardens

As one of the three major botanical gardens in Sydney and considered as a great place to visit, the Royal Botanical Gardens can help you get away from it all. Maybe you did not come to Sydney to relax, but these gardens which were opened in the early 1800s, may be the perfect place to chill after a night on the town. So now that you know what Sydney has to offer, are you ready to book a ticket?

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