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See Maldives Beyond Islands

Maldives is probably the most rewarding place to enjoy beach escapes and island hopping in the world. This stunning country is always listed as the best getaway in Indian Ocean. This guide shows something unique in Maldives more than just what island to stay :

A spa date under the waters at Huvafen Fushi

As soon as you hear this, your mind is filled with romantic thoughts. The underwater spa at Huvafen Fushi is like a dream coming true. It’s all about pampering the skin with facials, cold ice, hot rocks, truffles and champagne for the skin. Tourists get a spa treatment enclosed in a glass room from where they can watch the azure ocean and the marine life.

Ithaa Underwater restaurant

The Ithaa Undersea restaurant belongs to the Hilton Maldives Resort, its 5 mts below the sea level. The restaurant has only 14 seats and offers a panoramic sea view. The experience of dining under the water is definitely thrilling, prior reservations necessary. There visitors can enjoy Maldivian cuisine with Asian and Western influences. Tourists must visit this restaurant to have a unique experience in the Maldives.

Party all night in Finolhu

Soak in the beach vibe in Finolhu that welcomes internationally reputed DJs and parties. There are events going on around the year in the pool zones and the sandbank. It’s the place for all party and food lovers. Try the best seafood especially crabs along with a quart of champagne in ‘Fish and Crab Shack’. The young hearts should not miss the spot.

The Piano Deck at Baros

Right in the heart of the Indian Ocean lays the piano deck, a stiff platform. It’s the best spot to soak in the beauty of Maldives, to enjoy the breakfast, to sip cocktails after sunset and also book a spa treatment. Spend some time in seclusion with only the vast ocean as your sole companion. One also can plan to spend quality time with loved ones. It’s unbelievably romantic and should on the bucket list.

Dancing along the Bodubera in Maldives

Bodubera is a superb Maldivian performance that includes dancing, singing and drumming in a specific rhythm. The music is loud and the performance is enlivening. A tourist in Maldives must not miss this melodious performance and a scope to dance merrily.

The customary dhoni cruise in Per Aquum Niyama

The traditional sunset dhoni cruise in Per Aquum Niyama is the best for a family holiday. One can enjoy the water view and spot dolphins together. The best sight one can enjoy is spinner dolphins taking summersaults just beside the boat. Do not miss the dhoni cruise; it will give an enjoyable experience.

Fishing at night in Maldives

Maldives is mostly about the ocean and this is why the tourism and fishing try to strike a balance of the reef ecosystem. Just as the sun sets, visit any reef to spend calm evenings. Enthusiasts can learn how the locals do fishing at night hours, it’s an amazing experience. The seafood dinner there is superb, go for it.

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