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Top 5 Popular Trekking Destinations in Morocco

Morocco offers some of the most breathtaking adventures in Africa. While Toubkal, the highest peak in north Africa is always challenging, the country boasts scenic trekking trails which also reveals its authentic culture. From picturesque High Atlas mountain to Sahara Desert, there are so many places to start your trek in Morocco.

This short list is simply one of the most outstanding experiences you should delve into :

Paradise Valley

This trail covers 17 miles offering different trek routes decorated with cascading waterfalls, unique Beber villages.
Paradise valley is a wonderful escape to combine with the discover of the Agadir coastal town.

Jebel Sahro

Lying between Saraha Desert and High Atlast mountain, Jebel has everything you should expect for a life time adventure in Morocco : scenic gorges, fertilize valley and typical desert landscapes.
The highest point is Sahro perching on the elevation of 2,712m. For most of the trek, you will encounter different topography between 1,500 and 2,500m.

M`goun Massif

Often mentioned as one of the best trekking hubs in Morocco, Mgroun satisfies your exotic eyes on Morocco by dramatic gorges, magnificent mountain views, dramatic pass.
You can opt different trekking routes ranging from day return excursion to multi day hike passing through the heart of the High Atlas range.

Tazekka National Park

If you are curious about local nature, Tazekka will feed your eyes with its fauna and flora diversity. The densed forest inside this park provides opportunities to sample one of its seven spectacular trails. 
Another remarkable site you should explore is Friouata, known as the largest cave system in North Africa.

Jebel Sirwa Ascent

Jebel Sirwa is more or less still out of tourist radar. It means your trek in the area is very unique and worthy. 
The most special character of Jebel Sirwar is probably its 3,304meter volcanic mountain linking High Atlas and Anti-Altas.


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