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Top Peru Adventures You should Experience

Peru is an enchanting and exciting destination for those who seek for thrilling experiences of life time. The country boast abundance of diversity ranging from icy mountain to untamed desert, from massive Amazon to wild Andes. It is not difficult to find some stunning inspiration for Top Peru Adventure that you should experience :

Inca Trail Hike to Machu Pichu

You will soak in adventure while walking up the winding roads from the deep Urubamba Valley through forests and clouds. This is the road to enter the massive Machu Pichu and there are so many travelers hiking this trail each year and considering it as a Holy pilgrimage. It’s a four-day rough trek and you can enjoy the scenery and finally reach the most spectacular destination in Peru. If you are fond of trekking, there are other options for you here like Huancaya, Road to Choquequirao, ‘Santa Cruz Llanganuco Ravine’, ‘Olleros – Chavín Llama Trek’, Colca Valley, Taraco Heights and more.

Exploring the Amazon Basin

The Amazon basin is famous for the dense rainforest, the spectacular biodiversity and too much wilderness. If you love wildlife spotting, come here to see the deadliest spider of the world, the dangerous Piranha, the electric eel, poisonous frogs, pink dolphin, so many species of plants and huge trees. Here you might get to see too many species of ants that you never knew existed. This basin is a home to over 50 million species and now you can imagine the adventure you could experience. Among other species, some are macaws, ocelots, tapirs and flocks. Visitors must do a booking minimum 4days in advance at any of the lodges near the river. The journey by a boat can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Stay on an island overnight

Does an overnight stay sound interesting? The Lake Titicaca is where the sun is born and this is believed according to Andean myth. The lake water is sapphire blue in color and you can feel a magical vibe. Experience an overnight stay on this island to imbibe the rural culture and taste the seasonal living style of the locals. As you stay on the island, watching the sun setting over the lake water is a magical show. Reaching the island and staying a night is definitely an exciting activity.


The Andes Trek

Does your adrenaline get higher when you hear of trekking the heights? Pack your bags to climb the massive Cordillera Blanca in Peru’s heart. It’s a range of uneven and rocky peaks covered with snow and trekking this is an interesting activity for the ones who love high-altitude. The panorama and the altitude both are simply breathtaking.

Exploring the Deep Canyon

The Cañón Del Colca is a scenic beauty, a giant and deep canyon surrounded by villages and the mountains are carved by terraces. Visiting this canyon is surely an adventure for the travelers, you can explore in a series of treks or a day hiking. Once you reach, savor the local delicacies especially the spicy shrimp.

Finding sea life

Visit the Islas Ballestas, chain of tiny stony outcroppings which is located off the Paracas Peninsula. Take a boat to explore the wildlife, the sea life there including the penguins, sea lions and boobies of Peru. You can take a tour in a speed boast which is arranged by the tourism department. This rocky island gives you the salty smell of the seas and the island smell similar to bird poop.

Surfing North Coast

Surfing is surely a fun-filled activity and Peru has a long coastline which is even more than 3000 km. Here you can experience smooth surfing on the north coast with wave riders and curls. Start from Lima and go to Chicama, Huanchaco and Mancora to experience the sea life and sea adventures.

Sandboarding dunes

Huacachina is a small oasis in the Peru desert located in the south and here you can experience an adrenaline rush by strapping your feet on a board and flying over the dunes, yes sandboarding. This activity is a bit tricky for the beginners but with a guide, you will master the style. If you are experienced, go 9 miles to the east of Nazca to Cerro Blanco to board the highest dune and the exciting riding down could take few hours. If you don’t wish to sandboard, explore the sand dunes in a buggy.

Flying over glyphs

The Peruvian coast is filled with mystery because there are 70 or more glyphs of various shapes and animals in the Nazca Lines. These are so huge that you can see them up from the air, it’s awesome. Experience an incredible soaring up in an aircraft over these glyphs in the early mornings.

Exploring the Kuelap ruins

The Andes are surrounded with ruins of antique cities and Kuelap is a very magnificent citadel wall structured by the Chachapoyas tribe living on the mountain crest. The ruins are unique and you can enjoy the timeless journey through the rustic settlements while taking pleasure from the view of the Utcubama Valley.


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