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Kunming Attractions and Tourist Activities

Known as the capital of Yunnan province in China, Kunming is a fascinating destination packed for both culture and nature visitors. To discover the uniqueness and authenticity of the area, our travel expert Zhao reveals some activities you should delve into :

Photograph Yuan Yang Rice Terrace

There is no better place to hunt some stunning photos than Yuan Yang. This mountainous area is filled with the curves formed by rice terraces. Whether is watering season or planting time, you will find endless photogenic chances in Yuan Yang.

Dance with the locals in Cui Hu Park

Cui Hu Park is the right place to soak in the Chinese culture. Its best to be there on sunny days, people of all ages gather for merriment. There are various types of traditional dancing, singing, and playing going on there. The location is very appealing, right in the middle of the city. Just walk upto any of the dancing group and happily join them.

photo: ebhh2001

Walking along the Dianchi Promenade

Dianchi Promenade is located on the city outskirts, a perfect relaxation spot. The spot spreads the serenity o the lake and the beautiful Xishan Mountain View. It is worth walking along the promenade in the evening listening to some live music. Get into any of the open air bars; enjoy our drink and food in the breezy atmosphere.

Partying at DT Bar

It’s the best place in the Kunming city to enjoy live music and enjoy the night out. Do not come on Mondays but on all other days they have live music. The zone sells great pizza and drinks at a reasonable rate. Sundays are special for the awesome garden party in the noon. Be there for music, drinks, games, and love.

Sip tea with the holy monks at Bamboo Temple

The bamboo temple is also known as Oiongzhu Temple, a renowned Buddhist temple in Kunming. It’s located on top of a hill, to the west of the city and it’s easy to reach there walking or by bus. Adventure lovers will definitely take a bike ride uphill. The atmosphere is serene, very peaceful. The best thing to do there is enter the sitting room to enjoy tea with the monks.

Gorge on Mixian at a noodle shop in Kunming

How can tourists miss out on authentic dishes when in China? Most people love the Chinese cuisine and rice noodle is a part. Eateries in Kunming prepare the best rice noodles known as Guoqiao Mixian. When the delicacy will be served, they also give plenty of mixing ingredients along. If you prefer rice noodle without any soup, taste the Douhua Mixian.

Climb up the Xishan in Kunming

Adventure lovers can take hiking paths but be careful about the chances of getting lost. Visit the viewpoints from where it’s possible to get a view of the Kunming city. It’s a great place for enthusiasts to indulge in some hiking and admiring nature.

Must see the Chair of Bod on Yunnan Mountain

A tourist is more interested in exploring the uncanny and this Chair of Bod is unique. Its located among the dense peaks and valleys, it’s a massive space of 150,000 sq miles. It’s a black color rock on the Yunnan Mountain having a natural shape of a chair/throne having back and arms as well. It’s an amazing sight, a creation of nature, don’t miss.

Shillin Stone Forest

The ancient stony landscape is 270 million years old, located in the Yunnan Province. It’s a stone forest formed due to seismic activity, wind and water erosion contributed to the limestone structures. The stone forests in Shilin feature ponds, waterfalls, and river running underground.

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    Apr 1, 2020 Reply

    It s suitable to visit Kunming all year round. You may need 3 to 4 days for the main attractions in Kunming, and more days if you want to connect your Kunming tour with places around Kunming.

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