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Islands You should Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines boasts abundance of islands and beaches. It is always difficult to pick an island since they are diverse, beautiful and inspiration. These top picks are just the remarkable one, yet you still find hidden paradise in this fascinating country :


Boracay has stretches of amazing talcum-white sandy beaches, great restaurants, nice hotels and lot of water sports choices. It is the best island to party in the Philippines thus it attracts a lot of young tourists. This dreamy beach stretches over long 4 kilometres lined up with the best pubs and bars. This island has 12 great beaches; the best ones are Bulabog and White Sand.



This paradise island is on the top list among the world’s best islands. It is a very narrow and slim island that juts out from the south, where the sea is nearby. In Palawan, you can experience the pristine beaches and beautiful the islets. The famous tourist attractions are Coron and El Nido in the North and Balabac in South.
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North Luzon

It is the biggest island of Philippines, housed in the mountains among many pine trees. You can visit the Banaue Rice Terraces, a 2000-year-old heritage site. This is a home to many tribes that live a secluded life.

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Enjoy the serenity of the Batanes Island located right in the north. The landscape here is stunning with rolling lush green hills, the sky and sea in the backdrop. Go there, spend some time, soak in the Ivatan culture and you feel like coming back for more.


This is seated off Cebu, the best attraction of Bohol and known as the Chocolate Hills. This landscape has more than 1250 hills that are all uniformly shaped. These look like molehills ranging from 30-50 meters. The color of the hills turns brown or green depending on the season. This island is the home to the smallest monkey species in the world.

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Mindoro is a large island which is easily accessed by Manila. This is again one o the best places for water sports. Do visit the Apo Reef on the west coast which is a huge one measuring 40 sq km. This is a place for the diving aficionados.


This island is a magical and mysterious one famous for the healers who prepare natural ointments for various illnesses. Stay here in one of the best resorts and enjoy your stay with the best cocktail and lounging experience.

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