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Colmar Destination of Diversity

Colmar is a small town in Alsace. With 65.000 inhabitants, it is the third largest town in Alsace and stuns visitors with it’s amazing beauty. With its 9th century medieval lanes and squares, 13th century Gothic churches and original Old Town, Colmar appears to have stepped out of a storybook. The town’s streets are filled with intact Alsatian homes and a colorful mix of French and German Renaissance architecture. Colmar is home to historic neighborhoods; rivers and canals invite for a stroll. Add your character into the story of Colmar as you as you immerse yourself in more than one thousand years of history.
There are many faces of Colmar, these are the most important ones:

The heart of Alsatian culture

Due to it’s at times difficult history as being a pawn in the fight between Germany and France the people of the Alsace have developed a very strong sense of their own identity. This Alsatian identity manifests itself in the Unterlinden museum, which focusses on art from Alsatian artists or found in the Alsace region. The most important piece to see is the “Isenheim Altarpiece”, an altarpiece sculptured and painted by the Alsatian artist Matthias Grünewald in the early 16th century.

Capital of Alsatian wine making

The Alsace is one of the great European wine-producing regions in Europe. Some of the finest Rieslings are being grown here. And Colmar is the centre of this industry. Nothing could symbolise the towns importance in wine making than the fountain of Lazarus Schwendi, who is regarded as the father of Alsatian wine making.

colmar quarter

Birthplace of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

Bartholdi is Colmar and Colmar is Bartholdi. Of course, Bartholdi is foremost recognised as the designer of the Statue of Liberty, which is still greeting all new arrivals in New York Harbour. But Bartholdi is so much more. So many of the works of this talented artist can be viewed and enjoyed in Colmar. Plus, in his birth house you find a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Fusion cooking at its best

Any culture defines itself also via its cuisine. Here in Colmar we are blessed to be the meeting point of three great cultures who have all left their mark on our cuisine: Germany, France and Austria. Just to wet your appetite…think of Kugelhopf, Macaroons or Choucroute! The covered market, built in the middle of the 19th century, showcases our local produce and the little lanes offer a vast variety of eateries. From simple bistros to restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars…in Colmar you will not go hungry.

colmar landscape

Enchanting German architecture

The old town of Colmar was built between 1100 and 1700. During this time Colmar was German, and it is impossible to ignore this heritage. Colmar offers the most exquisite architecture you can imagine: narrow lanes with half-timbered houses and quaint little canals cross this most beautiful old town, and give it this very special feeling.


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