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Burma Photo Essay

Before you start a trip a country, a quick look for some inspiration could be something good. It is no exception for Myanmar. The country is amazingly beautiful and diverse.
These photos will show you what you can expect for a travel to Burma/ Myanmar :

burma balloon

This is Bagan, one of the best places in the world to enjoy a balloon ride in the morning. It offers stunning view to some 2,000 pagodas and temples.
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Karaweik – one of the most prominent monuments in Yangon, the biggest city of Myanmar
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burma pagoda
It is hard to count all the numbers of pagodas in Myanmar but this is a remarkable one in Mandalay which represents a rich history of Burma Kingdom you should not miss.

golden pagoda burma
Golden pagoda, one of the holiest site for pilgrimage in the country

mergui waters
Looking for your own, private beach ? Check out the beauty of Mergui Archipelago

burmese girls
Burmese people are very friendly, you can have beautiful encounters at all the places you visit from village to cities. Another advantage is Burma has so many different ethnic which allows you to soak up distinctive local culture.

burma monks
Burma is much Buddhist oriented also !

These 5 photos are taken from the Burma album of Ms. Hilde Juengs .
There are more of her works here :

burma smile
This capture from Philippe Guy represents the charming smile of Burmese girl but also the tradition of having thanaka on their faces.

festival burma
When Burma enjoys its local festival, the life becomes even more attractive for photographers.

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