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Beijing Attractions and Sightseeing Ideas

Beijing is an ideal place to start your China travel experience. The city is full of elegant characters: fascinating historical gems, incredible world heritages and vibrant modern life.

The Forbidden City

This imperial palace is a must see. It’s the largest palatial structure of the ancient times. The layout and design of the 870 buildings portray the Chinese architecture.
The forbidden city is best visited on a guided tour so you can soak up the mystery and hidden history of Beijing.

great wall china

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China stretches over 4000 miles and is one of the 7 wonders of the world. This wall is divided into various sections; the ones worth visiting are Jinshanling, Mutianyu and Jiankou.
It is always worth adding this amazing site into your itinerary for China.

summer palace

Summer Palace

This is the most well-preserved royal garden in the entire world. It is also the largest in China. Summer Palace represents the typical ancient Chinese architect that you should capture. Additionally, the palace offers a pleasant ambiance through its artificial beautiful landscape.

Visit the Hutongs

Hutongs are slender alleyways and mazes that connect ancient one-storey courtyard houses. If you expect discovering the charm of traditional Beijing life, register for a stay in a Hutong family.

Yonghe Temple

It’s a Tibetan temple containing a huge statue of Lord Buddha made of sandalwood. Do watch that massive structure when you are exploring Beijing.

Taste the famous roasted duck

Among the top dishes you should try in Beijing, roasted duck is the most famous. The authentic joints serve the duck with the skin and the meat, the taste is mind-blowing.

beijing opera
Photo: Jack Cao /

Beijing Opera

The opera show in Beijing is a must watch, it’s a unique part of the Chinese culture. You can enjoy watching performers with face masks, heavy makeup, gorgeous costumes and unique voices. It’s a form of entertainment you cannot miss.

Acrobatic Show

Go to the Chaoyang Theatre for the best acrobatic show. It includes flexible bullet bike rides, rotating plates, hoops jumping, human strength, shows using umbrella and chairs.

Kungfu shows

You can spend the late evening by watching Kungfu shows. It is the best here in Beijing. You will love the way they perform the amazing martial arts.

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