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7 Best India Cruises

India, a land of many rivers and water bodies is most suited for conducting river cruises or journeys for travelers. The Ganges and the Brahmaputra are the main river systems on which many companies have stated operating river cruises. Read below to find out the top 7 river cruises the country has to offer you.

1. The Ganges river cruise

The exotic Ganges river cruise is probably the most demanded by foreign as well as domestic travelers that wish to soak in the majestic realms of the mighty Ganges. There are a number of cruise liners that conduct trips or journeys from Kolkata to Varanasi, offering the opportunity to revel in the natural bounty that attracts many tourists. The Hoogly river system is one of the busiest as far as river trips are concerned. The Heritage River Cruises is one such company that offers you to travel the length and breadth of the Ganga River and peep into the very rich cultural lives of people. There are various itineraries offered for sale and all include modern facilities coupled with luxuries undefined.

2. Sundarbans Luxury Cruises

Wish to view the spectacular scenic beauty of the mangroves that holds many a secrets? What are you waiting for? Just book your stay with Sundarbans Luxury Crusies organized by Vivada Inland waterways Limited. The cruise will take you on a whirlwind ride to view the culture, ethnicity and the beauty of Sundarbans.

3. The mighty Brahmaputra River Cruise

Like the Ganges, the Brahmaputra is also a majestic river and entertains many river cruises operated by a number of cruise liners. Vivada organizes trips across the river and also offers adventure activities that include treks to nearby villages, towns and also gives you a chance to witness wildlife and nature. The river trips are conducted in the North Eastern state of Assam and reaches to the boundaries of Arunachal Pradesh. Equipped with well decorated and self sufficient cabins, pool and dining hall, the cruise offers you everything that can be imagined in a dream vacation.

kerala river
Photo: Ramkumar

4. Enchanting Kerala river cruise

Kerala is surely the best place on earth where you can enjoy river cruises down the backwaters that abound in natural beauty. To enjoy tranquility at its best, you must visit Oberoi Vrinda, a cruise liner company that operates backwater cruises starting from Alleppy and goes deep into the countryside.

5. Lakshadweep Cruise

There are three popular ships that ferry travelers into the exotic locales of the various islands of Lakshadweep, namely: MV Tipu Sultan, MV Amindivi and MV Bharat Seema. All these ships offer you a luxurious time and an experience to remember.

6. Star Cruises

The company offers three nights package that starts at Mumbai and takes you to Lakshadweep. From deluxe rooms to suites, the cruise offers everything.

7. Indian Ocean Cruise

The cruise starts from Goa and ends at Lakshadweep, offering you a time of fun and frolic. It is a fourteen night’s package and travels the interiors of Lakshadweep.

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