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5 things to do in Rome

Rome has a fascinating mix of Latin heritages and modern life. It is a city that you at least should visit once in a life time for many reasons. Whether you are seeking for some outstanding experiences or want to catch the core charm of Rome, our experts suggest you to try these :

Hanging out in Pantheon

The Pantheon is the city’s most favorite building and it stands out proudly. It’s a building that is 2000 years old, can u imagine that? It’s basically seeing the history in front of your eyes. Once you see Pantheon, visit the Colosseum, the biggest Roman ampi-theatre for sure.


Tour Vatican City

Spend a day to visit the Vatican City and it should be an entirely guided tour. Take a trip to the Vatican Museums and you surely cannot miss any important stuff. Spend the day watching everything your guide shows and it will be worth.

Strolling the Trastevere Streets

Roman remains are enticing as well as overwhelming but if you need a break from the city, come to the haven named Trastevere. Visit this neighborhood in the daytime and it will never let you down. The streets are not crowded by vehicles and moving cars, you have the cheapest yet best cafes and restaurants. After sunset, this place becomes a zone for the young people, party lovers.

Eat like Italian

Pizza, Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni and the list is endless because all the Italian dishes in Italy are fabulously authentic to taste. You can order for Jewish ghetto or deep fried artichokes. Italian cooking is based on seasonal herbs so you can get a chance of tasting the dishes of the season when you go there. You can also take Roman Cookery classes from the locals and make lovely friends.

Visit the Trevi fountain

This is a great tourist spot as it attracts a huge number of tourists around the year. They all come over to see the fountain, hang out, relax and eat. Sit taking a gelato cup or cone in your hand and enjoy the fountain. Trevi fountain at midnight is a beautiful sight, just try it.

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