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5 Breathtaking India Trekking Adventures

India offers diverse trekking areas for its visitors. From jungle trails to snow-capped mountain routes, these 5 amazing treks are the best for your trekking option in India

Singalila Kanchenjunga Trek

Zone – Sikkim, The Himalaya
Height – 4940 mts
Total Time – 20 days
Peak Season- March to May, September and October
Type – Not so challenging to very challenging

Take a breathtaking view of the 700 km wide peak from the Singalila Ridge, its Himalayan wilderness. The peaks included are Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse and these 4 are the world’s highest. This trekking route is excellent because of the scenic beauty. Upon climbing the Singalia Ridge, one can take a great view of the third highest peak of the world, Kanchenjunga. The main challenge is to trek the 5000 mts high Goecha-La. The advantage is that the elevation is gradual so one has enough time to adjust to the climate.

Photo: Sabamonin

Zanskar Frozen River Trek

Zone – The Himalaya at Ladakh
Height – 3850 mts
Total Time – 13 days
Peak Season – Mid of January to February
Type – mid-level to hectic

To walk on the Zanskar Frozen River is a thrilling experience, its all cold and ice. ‘Chadar’ trek is another name given to it which means blanket. The river water is not smothered by the ice due to the spring waters and it flows rapidly in few places. Its great to trek when the temperature is 25-30 degrees, a reason why most prefer this location. The ice covering crashes and you can notice the color changing on the river bed. Explore the Buddhist culture and the village life at Trans Zanskar valley. This trek is exclusive because walking on ice gives you a matchless experience.

Photo: Sriparna Ghosh

The Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Zone – Himachal Pradesh
Height – 5335 mts
Total time – 18 days
Peak Season – mid of June to Mid of October
Type – Quite challenging

This is a very difficult path as one has to make way through the glaciers formed in the Parvati valley, Kullu and also Pin Valley in Spiti. It starts at Manikaran, the trek continues. It awesome to pass through villages where one can view the natural beauty of the mountains, lakes and meadows. Yo can come across the glaciers as you trek the Parvati river upstream. The highest and the most challenging point is the Pin Parvathy Pass, is a lot of challenge one needs to overcome.

The Classical  Trek

Zone – The Himalayas in Ladakh
Height – 5150 mts
Total time – 12 days
Peak Season – mid of June to Mid of October
Type – Mid-level

This is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh, the scenic Markha Valey. The route passes via monasteries, alpine pastures of Nimaling in the outline of the Mt. Kang Yatze. Now, this the most thrilling point, the path ascends to Kongmaru La which is the maximum point. Climbing up there, one can view the highest K2 range. There are parachute tents for accommodation and it’s also called the ‘tea-house’ trek. This is trekking the chilly desert valley, enjoying the sight of mountains, passes and Markha River.

The Lord Curzon Trail or Kuari Pass Trekv

Zone – At Gharwal Himalaya
Height – 4268 mts
Total time – 10 days
Peak Season – mid of April to Mid of June and again September to November
Type – Mid-level

Trekkers around the world love the Kuari Pass Trek, the astounding view of the Himalayan Range. This is also called the ‘Lord Curzon Trail’ the path goes through green valleys, small villages and dense forests. Catch a glimpse of the Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, Chaukamba and Hathi Ghodi Peaks. This trek is very enjoyable, you get to see so many mountains and Mother Nature at its best.

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